Modalert: Hacking the brain with the king of nootropics ?>

Modalert: Hacking the brain with the king of nootropics

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Nootropics also commonly referred to as “smart drugs” have been in use since 1972 to boost the brain function. Nootropics are known to improve brain function by a number of ways which include the boosting amount of neurotransmitters, improving oxygen supply to the brain, repair of damaged nerves as well as building new neural pathways. Irrespective of how the nootropic works, the overall aim is to increase brain function. Do you think your brain is not as sharp as it used to be and needs brain power boosting or do you want to be more focused, more alert? Modalert is the answer, fast gaining popularity worldwide for its effectiveness and fewer side effects in mental health application.


Modalert, sold at, is an eurogenic drug simply meaning promoting wakefulness and it is approved by the United States of America Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) for sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness which is associated with sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorders. Individuals who have busy schedules, studying for examinations, need a high level of focus and concentration, teachers and even athletes where brain focus has to be at its maximum at all times now have a reason to smile because of Modalert, the number one nootropic is now within reach.

Modalert is a generic form of modafinil drug which is a very effective wakefulness and alertness promoting drug which belongs to a class of drugs called nootropics otherwise known as smart drugs. It is considered the first amongst other nootropics because of its effectiveness at improving cognitive function, attentiveness and decision making with very little to negligible side effects.  It is thought to work by increasing a number of certain neurotransmitters in the brain(brain chemicals) which control the sleep-wake cycle, it increases the availability of dopamine by inhibiting its reuptake, also increases the synthesis and release of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine ,it also has been found to  act on some receptors which  increase histamine release, the increase in these neurotransmitter brain substances are responsible fo the effect of Modalert. The exact mechanism of action of Modalert is still under study.

Modafinil was approved by the FDA in 1998 for the treatment of narcolepsy however over time its usefulness  as a nootropic has gained popularity worldwide, more importantly, it is classified as a Schedule IV drug in the United States of America which indicates it is better to use than other nootropics because of its relatively low potential for abuse and minimal side effects, hence it is suitable for long-term use. If you want to experience and explore the full potentials of your brain, Modalert stands out as your number one choice to hack your brain.

Modalert is known to cause an increase in the availability of dopamine, a chemical substance in the brain, and an increased level of dopamine gives Modalert its unique properties of cognitive enhancement, wakefulness, mood improvement among others. It is a unique central nervous system(CNS) stimulant discovered to be the first in its class. It is considered the king of nootropics  for the following reasons:

Zero Addiction

Modalert is not an addictive drug, it just acts as a brain stimulant promoting alertness and wakefulness, it also does not have withdrawal symptoms and jitteriness or other effects should intake be discontinued unlike what is obtainable in most stimulants currently available. Some studies have even shown that Modalert may even help addicts overcome their addictions.

Fewer side effects

Generally every drug possess side effects, however, Modalert is very safe with very little to negligible side effect compared to other nootropics.


Modalert is very effective at bio-hacking the brain thereby allowing consumers of Modalert use more of their brain power, this gives them an edge over non-consumers of Modalert because they exhibit super human brain processing speed and capabilities with little to no side effects.

Generally safe

It has been described as the world’s first safe smart drug. Studies conducted on its safety have shown that the risks associated with the use of  Modalert were minimal compared to the benefits of using it, studies are still ongoing on risks associated with long-term use of Modalert.

Are you considering using a nootropic? Do not settle for a mediocre drug, go all out for the king of nootropics “ Modalert” because apart from boosting your cognitive skills, Decision-making ability and reaction time, it also improves vigilance and reduces fatigue. Little wonder why most doctors and health practitioners have it handy in their bags especially those who work long and stressful hours and  need to be at top performance all the time

Modalert is recommended only in young adults from the age of sixteen years and beyond, it is an oral drug available in dosages of 100 milligrams and 200-milligram tablets. The recommended dose is 200 milligrams per day taken in the morning before or after breakfast to be taken with lots of water, for initial treatment you can start with 100mg dose per day and then gradually increase over time. Most healthy people taking Modalert can start with a low dose of 50mg per day, in case of a missed dose, take the drug as soon as you remember, however, if you remember the next day do not take double dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular schedule. Modalert is rapidly absorbed following oral ingestion and is known to be effective within two hours following intake.

In pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers the use of Modalert should be discussed with your doctor, it is considered as a category C pregnancy drug by the FDA, meaning that its harmfulness to an unborn baby is not known, studies are still ongoing in that aspect.  Modalert is the most popular generic version of modafinil and its active ingredient is  Modafinil. Other ingredients include cellulose, povidone, lactose, pregelatinized starch, microcrystalline, croscarmellose, and sodium, it is also cheaper and easy to purchase online thus enhancing regular availability.

Generally speaking nootropics help improve concentration, cognition, memory and focus and is widely used by students, researchers and professionals, most  have been linked with side effects such as dependency, abuse, and withdrawal symptoms, which is a serious  downside to  their use, however, Modalert stands out as many consumers have positive remarks about it, they say  it is the choicest among others, it is excellent for individuals suffering from narcolepsy with less productivity and reduced mental alertness, it is also recommended  for individuals with sleepiness resulting from obstructive sleep apnea  and shift work sleep disorders, it is equally safe in healthy adults who want to make more use of their brain, increase their problem-solving ability, have less reaction time, and keeps you mentally alert and focused. There are many nootropics out there but few with long term proven benefits, less toxic and fewer side effects. Modalert has been used for years by many users who have nothing but positive reviews on the drug, it improves memory, most especially short term memory, memory recall ability, increased attention span, enhances productivity, and it also has weight loss benefits,  This is the ideal nootropic because it has   been described by users all over the world as the world’s first safe smart drug, choose wisely, choose Modalert– the king of nootropics.

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The Best Nootropics For Anxiety ?>

The Best Nootropics For Anxiety

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Nootropics are generally used to increase cognition such as memory, focus, and concentration. However, there are some great nootropics out there for anxiety and stress reduction in addition to their cognitive benefits. These anxiolytics are known to relieve anxiety. Remember to inform your doctor you are taking any supplement as these do come with side effects and supplements can conflict with existing medications. Here are the best to try for anxiety.



Is known for its best results against social anxiety and stress. Aniracetam stimulates AMPA receptors, controlling the making and management of Glutamate. A study in 2001 done on rats concluded Aniracetam has a wide range of anti-anxiety properties and would be beneficial for anxiety and social impairments. Can help people open up in social situations as a result. It is also used for energy, focus, and motivation.


Is used to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia. Phenibut boosts GABA in the brain and when we are low in GABA we can have anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Most of the research has been done in Russia as it was discovered and developed there in the 1960’s. However, we know Phenibut increases GABA and this study shows GABA induces relaxation within 60 minutes and can diminish anxiety as a result. This one is not meant for daily use. It is powerful when used for anxiety but can have long term side effects. In the U.S. it can be found without a prescription but in other countries often you do need a prescription with it.


Is a combination of GABA and B3. Generally, people either have a preference of Phenibut or Picamilon given their GABA increasing effects. Similarly to Phenibut, it was developed in Russia around 1969 and most of the research is there as well. Here it is animal research at this time. However, as noted, with Phenibut we know what GABA does and we know Picamilon increases it. It has a more stimulating effect rather than sedative one, seen in phenibut, and also fewer side effects.


It is also a natural supplement that was known as B8 but is a sugar involved in cell signaling and as a component of the membranes of cells. A study in 2001 compared Inositol with fluvoxamine for anxiety and found it decreased the number of panic attacks significantly better than the drug and lowered anxiety.


It is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and 200 times stronger than Aniracetam. It is also quite long lasting with one dose lasting the day. It modulates AMPA and MNDA receptors which help with Glutamate uptake. It keeps Glutamate levels stable. For anxiety, it stimulates dopamine and acetylcholine nicotinic receptors and also modulates some serotonin receptors. These will all contribute to improved mood and lowered anxiety. A study in 2001 showed that Noopept produced alpha/beta brain wave increase in 40 minutes showing relaxation effect due to the alpha wave increase and a mental boost from the beta waves.



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Top 5 Nootropics You Should Check Out Today ?>

Top 5 Nootropics You Should Check Out Today

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Feeling tired and drained? Want to focus better at work and have more energy? If so, consider using nootropics. These supplements enhance mental focus and cognitive function, leading to improved performance, greater energy, and alertness. In the long run, they boost brain power and memory. Nootropics are widely used by business professionals, students, researchers, and active individuals.


Here are the top five nootropics you should check out today:


Touted as “the father of nootropics,” Piracetam was one of the first nootropic supplements ever created. Over the years, it has been subject to thousands of studies. This compound boosts learning abilities, improves memory, and relieves depression. Evidence shows that taking 200 milligrams for one month can enhance neurological function in people with epilepsy by up to 12 percent.


This nootropic enjoys a lot of popularity in the business world, schools, and top universities. It’s also prescribed to those struggling with ADD and ADHD. According to health experts, Adderal sharpens mental focus and concentration, improves cognition, and boosts work performance.




This non-essential amino acid is commonly used as a nootropic due to its mentally-stimulating effects. Research indicates that l-theanine improves focus, promotes relaxation, and makes it easier to retain information. It may also reduce anxiety symptoms and minimize the harmful effects of stress.


Caffeine is the most commonly used nootropic available today. It reduces fatigue and tiredness, boosts your energy, and enhances alertness. Studies have found that high doses of caffeine may induce euphoria. Most people take caffeine supplements to temporarily increase mental performance, overall focus, and work efficiency.


A quality nootropic stack should also contain Modafinil, which stimulates dopamine release in the brain. This compound improves your problem-solving skills, increases mental focus, and keeps your brain sharp. It’s also an excellent choice for those suffering from insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, and narcolepsy.

There are many other nootropics you can use. It all comes down to your needs. Aniracetam, GABA, Huperzine-A, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and Phenylethylamine have proven health benefits. These supplements can take your work performance to a whole new level, lift your mood, and boost your creativity.

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What are Nootropics and What Are Their Benefits? ?>

What are Nootropics and What Are Their Benefits?

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Nootropics have been around since 1972, and it’s become a topic of conversation in the world of mental health treatments. As with other treatments, it’s important to know the basics so you can determine whether it’s a good choice for you or someone you know. Here are some kinds of nootropics available:

Reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

This is based on an enzyme that’s located in neurons’ synapses. This type of inhibitor allows a “spark plug” to keep its power for a longer period. That provides for an improved rate of “fuel brain.


This is a popular nootropic due to its being very effective and being chemicals being tested as being safe. The mechanics that achieve this effect is very different and lasts longer. There’s also no rebound to sub-normal neural efficiency.


This category includes caffeine, nicotine, etc. Caffeine is mainly used to boost alertness. However, others boost the number of neurotransmitters within neural synapses or through direct receptor stimulation. This provides a temporary effect and causes produces a rebound at the dosing’s end that lower cognitive ability. Over time it can affect a person’s mental facilities in a permanent way.



This is one of the most common types of nootropics on the market. It’s a dietary nutrient that’s found in foods such as eggs, dairy, seafood, and meat. Studies also show that more than 90% of the population has a choline deficiency.


The body can produce choline. However, it should be included in dietary supplements to produce the best results. Choline is an important part of a certain type of neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine.


You might be wondering whether nootropics are effective in treating various mental health issues. It’s important to keep in mind that there are four different ways nootropics work.


One way is by altering how many neurotransmitters are available to the neurons (brain cells). Nootropics most commonly affect a certain kind of neurotransmitters. This class of nootropics is believed by experts to boost memory and the ability to focus during sleep deprivation because of the change in the number of neurotransmitters.


A second way that nootropics improve brain function is by boosting the oxygen supply to the brain. Ginkgo biloba is believed to work by using this particular mechanism. This herb seems to boost blood flow to a person’s brain. This results in more oxygen getting to the person’s brain. Clinical studies have provided mixed result related to the effect of Ginkgo Biloba on the brain’s function. However, it is still a popular supplement that improves cognition.


Another way that nootropics work is by building brand new neural connections within the brain. In theory, that would allow the brain to work more efficiently. Racetams are believed to create new neural connections plus their task as modulators on the neurotransmitter level.


Some studies suggest that mechanisms that don’t involve drugs can also boost the brain’s neural connections. Some examples of such processes including picking up a new language, learning a new exercise program that involves coordination and agility, and maybe even playing video games or doing a crossword puzzle.


A final way the substances affect cognitive function is by preventing neurons from being damaged. Vitamin B1 is one example of nootropic since it seems to be able to heal damaged neurons and also boost memory in people with particular types of brain damage.


Antioxidants are also sometimes included in this category. That’s because their reported ability to prevent neuro damage.


Some studies have provided positive results regarding nootropics improving cognitive function. That’s been in research studies that are controlled. Some examples include better focus, boosted memory, and more alertness without a lot of nervousness.

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Most Popular Types of Nootropics ?>

Most Popular Types of Nootropics

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Are you deciding on type of nootropics to use? There are several to choose from. Nootropics are an effective way to boost your brain function, and there are various types to choose from. It’s become a trending treatment due to its popularity among celebrities, entrepreneurs, and others. However, there are also several to select from including the following ones:


Alpha GPC:

This is a water-soluble nutrient that’s a natural compound. It can be found in the human brain. It’s critical for brain cells to talk to each other. Alpha GPC works very effectively to improve thinking skills, learning, comprehension, and memory. These are important brain functions that are used in everyday life.


This is a type of amino acid that is water soluble. It can typically be found in green teach, which has been proven to provide many health effects. Studies also show that L-Theanine can boost cognition. It functions best with caffeine, which itself is another nootropic.

It’s used to boost comprehension, lower stress, decrease anxiety, and boost focus. IT also helps the mind to relax and particularly when there are many stressors involved.




This contains 4.5x the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. It functions by stimulating a person’s muscles, heart, and nervous system. It also contains theophylline alkaloid theobromine. It functions by boosting mental alertness, mood, physical endurance, and battles fatigue.


This is one of the most interesting nootropics and is in big demand now. It’s an important phospholipid that battles cognitive decline and also helps to protect the human brain. The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of labels. It stated that taking phosphatidylserine could lower the risk of dementia as well as cognitive dysfunction in older adults.

It’s possible for nootropics to be pant-based or made in a lab.

There’s another popular kind of natural nootropic that contains a type of mushroom known as Lion’s Mane. Various studies show that Lion’s Mane boosts secretions of nerve growth factor.

Something called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is a neuropeptide that is mainly involved in growth regulation, proliferation, maintenance, and certain neurons surviving in the brain. This contributes to long-term brain health.


Studies have shown the nootropics are some of the safest nutritional supplements that are on today’s market. They can also help with mental health. They support the critical development of neurons and connections, and also sustaining brain cells’ basic structures. Many of them offer anti-oxidant effects. They also boost memory/cognition.

Finally, regarding side-effects, they’re very rare regarding nootropics. Typically they only happen when a user is first making adjustments to the compound or taking dosages that are bigger than normal. Some possible negative reactions are fatigue, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and GI tract issues.

This is some critical information to be aware of when considering nootropics. It will help you to determine whether or not it’s right for you, and which one(s) you should select to have the best results.


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Some Types of Nootropics to Choose from ?>

Some Types of Nootropics to Choose from

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Are you searching for the right nootropics? These brain-boosting supplements were first used in 1972 but are trending now in part because they’ve become popular with various celebrities and businesspeople. However, it might seem difficult to select the right nootropics for your needs. It’s important to be aware of the different types that are available to make the best choice. Here are the various choices you


Vitamin B-derived

There are also synthetic nootropics that are made from Vitamin B. Sulbutiamine, and Pyritinol is some examples that are included in this group. That’s because they’re made from B-Vitamins that have been modified. There are several types that are made from Vitamin B6.

Both of the compounds are excellent for boosting mood, energy, and memory. That might grow well when they’re either taken alone or added to a particular stack. One drawback with them is that the effects are lost as time passes. For that reason, it might be required for them to be



This is a new category and has become quite popular in the world of nootropics. It’s been discovered that glutamic activity is very important for good cognitive function. Racetams have some level of Glutamate activity. On the other hand, there isn’t as much as some of the newest substances.

Choline & Acetylcholine Intermediates

There are many types of chlorine as well as acetylcholine Intermediates. When people take these kinds of supplements, the results they want is higher levels of acetylcholine within the brain. There are several different kinds of choline/acetylcholine intermediates. Some are more efficient than other types.

There are various cheap sources including Choline Bitartrate that won’t cause major nootropic benefits when people take them alone. However, they might they might be able to control the effects of racetams.

More advanced types will likely cause effects that are more noticeable when they’re taken by themselves. Acetylcholine intermediates also have less chance of a result in various side-effects. They function best when they’re used with


Peptide nootropics

This area is very interesting and arguably the most among various types of nootropics. This area seems to be always changing. Russia has studied the area the most and had made all nootropic peptides that are currently on the market.

They’re not all the same, but they work well with peptides. The drawback of this type of nootropics is the administration route. There are various types, so it’s important to consider which one is the best option for you.



This is likely the most common/popular type of nootropic. There are many types that have been developed. They boost cognitive function by boosting receptors. This can help to improve memory, motivation, focus and other types of cognitive function. It’s one of the many effective types of


Natural nootropics

These types of nootropics can be quite effective. There’s a long list of herbal/natural nootropics. The problem is that many don’t function well. However, many are quite effective. It’s worth considering the various types of natural nootropics including those that are made from various herbs.



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Some of the Top Benefits of Nootropics ?>

Some of the Top Benefits of Nootropics

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Are you looking for a way to boost brain power? If so then you should definitely consider nootropics. The term first appeared in 1972 and was used to describe a particular substance that can have a positive effect on a human brain function. People often refer to them as “smart drugs,” but not all of the substances are chemical drugs that are synthesized. Some nootropics are minerals, vitamins, or herbs that boost cognition.

As with other treatments there are various benefits that are provided by nootropics. They include the following ones:

Short-term safety

Studies show that nootropics are very safe in the short-term. This is very important for anyone who’s concerned about the safety of using them. There are many prescription drugs today that are often considered to be dangerous due to their side-effects and other unwanted results.

In fact, side-effects are one of the biggest issues in terms of any type of mental or physical treatment. The reason is that patients will want to minimize the negative effects that they cause. Unfortunately there are various prescription medications in particular that can cause many negative effects. That’s why it’s one of the main benefits of nootropics that you should consider.

Improved brain health

This is one of the main benefits of nootropics that users of the supplements can benefit from. When taking such supplements to improve brain function it’s critical to make sure that they’re effective in increasing brain health.

It’s also important for the function of the brain’s neurons to also improve. That’s because they’re critical to making sure that the brain is working as effective as possible.

There are many products on today’s markets such as supplements that make such claims. However, it’s important that they’ve able to provide such results. The neurons’ functioning is very important when looking for products that boost brain function.

Boost in memory/focus

These are some key features that people often look for in brain-boosting products. Many products claim that they’re able to boost a person’s focus and memory. However, studies show that nootropics can be quite effective in those areas.

Not only that, but they seem to provide those benefits on a bigger scale if the user uses the products consistently. That’s a plus because it helps to ensure that you’ll not only enjoy those benefits but much more so if you continue to use the nootropics. That’s certainly a plus in order to achieve the best results.


Low human toxicity

In fact, by definition this is one of the key benefits and requirements of nootropics. That’s why many people are selecting this option over prescription medications. The latter can certainly be very effective boosting brain function.

However, a drawback is that many of those prescription medications indeed contain strong chemicals that can result in toxicity among humans. That likely a situation you’ll want to avoid. It’s one thing if a product is able to boost brain function, but it should be able to do that without providing major health risks among people.


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Helpful Tips to Select Nootropics ?>

Helpful Tips to Select Nootropics

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If you’re in the market for nootropics it can seem tough to decide which ones you should purchase. The supplements can be very effective in boosting brain function. However, there are many options so it’s critical to know how to go about selecting the right ones for your needs. Here are some helpful tips:


Make options simple

This is an important step to take when you’re choosing nootropics. It’s important to boost strengths compensate for weaknesses, take steps to minimize more mental decline, and try to rejuvenate your mind after past damage.

For example, you could pick one option. However, it would be better to select a smart drug that handles one then your lifestyle handles the other. You could think of it as “pills + lifestyle.” This involves various benefits synergizing with the other one.

One issue is that if you use “lifestyle + smart drugs” it allows the smart drugs’ effects to fade away somewhat at a lower rate than if you stopped using the powders/pills and didn’t have lifestyle habits that supported cognition.

Take it slow at first

This is an important step to take. Many people start with a nootropic that’s complex, or use it too quickly. A better option is to first learn about the function of each ingredient. That will help you to choose the best ones.

It’s better to take the process. If you use a simple and slow process at first you can be more analytical. That’s by learning how each of the ingredients affects your body. Then you can make a better option in terms of which nootropics are the best option.

For example, one good approach would be to begin with either 1-2 nootropics. It will give you a track record about how the compound affects your body. You might discover that a particular compound by itself could have provided that particular effects you’re looking for in the supplement.

What’s the magic number? When starting out it’s really up to you. However, many people suggest not using more than 3 nootropics if you’re a beginner. You could later add others, but it’s better to start slow and simple.

Pick 2 goals

Your goals will likely be to decrease various effects on cognition including anxiety, memory, depression, anti-fatigue, and focus/attention. If you pick 2 goals you’ll be able to focus on two of them instead of several problems, which could be tougher to deal with.

Consider a multi-faceted option

Racetams might be useful to be stacked. Aniracetam has been shown to boost anxiety. Not only that, but noopept lowered learned helplessness. It’s a good idea to stack them in the case you have anxiety/depression issues but wanted top-notch focus.

Use stack templates

There are a wide variety to choose form. Make sure to do some research about the best combinations. That will help you to make the best options. This will take some time to do the research but it’s worth it as you’ll select the best nootropics. Ultimately that’s the goal you’re trying to achieve.

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Everything You Need to Know about Nootropics ?>

Everything You Need to Know about Nootropics

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Are you looking for ways to treat mental health conditions? If so then you should consider “nootropics.” You might not have heard of this kind of treatment, but it’s been around for over 40 years.  Today they’re trending online because many high-profile celebrities, as well as entrepreneurs, are using them. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest trends during the past few years.


First of all, what exactly are nootropics? It’s a class of prescription drugs and “nutraceuticals” that improve 1+ aspects of a person’s mental function as well as their brain performance. Possible effects can include improvements in:

learning capacity

working memory




The term “nootropic” was coined by a man named Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea over four decades ago in 1972. That happened after Dr. Giurgeadiscovered an amazing substance called “Piracetam.”

The research team was first able to synthesize the compound during 1964 when he was working at a Belgian drug company known as UCB. He was first motivated to research Piracetam by searching for a way to treat motion sickness.

The term “nootropics” originates from the Greek language. It combines the words” mind” and the root “troops” that means “change” or turning.” The literal meaning of the substance is one that can alter the mind.

Giurgea made a set of definitions for nootropics that were quite strict. It required that they improve memory and learning, show neuron-protective effects, have super-low toxicity, and contain almost no side-effects.

Nootropics have become more popular very fast. They’re now very popular among people who have a busy lifestyle and need the ability to focus/concentrate on difficult tasks. Some of the most common professions who use the products include teacher, businesspeople, doctors, and athletes. Nootropics give them the ability to focus on their work and get past mental blocks.

Not only that but in the academic world students are using nootropics to boost productivity as well as academic performance. They work in several different ways, although many have the same types of action.

What are some examples? There are nootropics that boost the supply of neurotransmitters. Others are neurochemicals that are involved in Intra/interneuron communication and brain signaling pathways linked to memory formation, cognition, and recall.


Other nootropics might boost brain activity by changing neuro-receptors, boosting oxygen and nutrients such as glucose into the patient’s brains cells, or boosting brain system’s health. Other nootropics can stimulate the development of brand new neurons/synapses, by boosting the general brain’s plasticity.

Several types of classes of nootropic drugs that boost drugs that can help boost memory, learn, and focus better more easily. Nootropics usually are classified into 7 compound categories. They include Vitamin B, Choline, Peptides, and Smart Drugs.

There are several popular nootropics on the market today that is used to boost top mental performance.

Before deciding whether or not to use nootropics it’s important to research them to determine which ones might be most effective for your particular needs. This can help to make sure you make the right choices.

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